Our Services

We provide quality English to Bahasa Indonesia (vice versa) translation / interpreting services with an emphasis on high level of accuracy translation/interpreting whilst at the same time prioritizing our client’s deadline for delivery.


We translate business text intended for clients as well as material intended for internal company communication. Sworn or regular translation. Good translation means good communication, resulting in growth due to better relationship with your clients and within the company.

We have professional bahasa Indonesia – English language speaker able to do simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting or any ad-hoc interpreting to tailor your needs, whether a small group discussion or a large seminar we will help you to deliver the message

To help upgrade your large event to a higher level and bridge language barrier in real time, we offer high quality william-sound translation device for your needs

Our pool of human resources are professional translators who are experienced in various contexts of document translation; banking, oil & gas, governmental agency, NGO, telecommunications, etc. The distinction that our translators possess is their hands-on experience in these fields. They actually communicate and work directly with their clients, hence providing them with the necessary background knowledge especially the technical terms in the translation process.