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Your T.R.U.E Translation Partner

Makna Translation provides translation / interpreting services with a focus on English to Bahasa Indonesia (vice versa). Makna Translation does not merely translate the words for you, we want to be your trusted partner for communicating with your counterpart or client. Our translators / interpreters are experienced professionals in the translation field. They have spent a significant amount of time on various client’s projects, translating whilst enabling themselves to understand the context and technicalities in a project. Hence, our translator will not only translate the words on your documents, they will also keep intact the crucial information / meaning that might be lost in the translation process due to lack of background knowledge and technical terms. This will eventually lead to your message being rendered as if you and your client speak the same language.

Indonesia is a really diverse country, filled with people who actually speak different local dialects but united by one language, Bahasa Indonesia. No matter what background you are from, if you ever made contact with Indonesian, you most probably have encountered difficulties in getting your message across; tid bits yet useful information that is oftentimes misinterpreted or even lost, things you consider appropriate are actually rather insulting in your client’s viewpoint, meetings not happening due to confusion in understanding correspondences, or even fatal mistake in the translation which actually jeapordizes your business deal or contract. These unfortunate occurences are possible to be prevented. Once you put your trust in Makna Translation, we will give our best to minimize and eliminate the unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding while you are communicating and engaging with your counterparts / clients. We want to be your TRUE (Timely, Robust, Unique, Enlightening)  translation partner.

TRUE Translation Partner


We truly understand that translation / interpreting process is just one phase from your other multiple phases in a project. On-time translation result delivery is essential for your next or related phase. Hence, without sacrificing quality, we will always maintain the timely delivery of our translation.


We are robust in a way that we have translators with strong command of both English and Bahasa Indonesia, some even have spent half of their life in english speaking countries either studying or working. Hence, your presentation to your client will come out as strong as it is in the source language, as if no translation process is involved.


Yes, we are unique in a way that not many translation service providers actually have translators working directly with client. At makna.net, most of our translators are in-house translators in various reputable companies and agencies, mostly international ones. This is in itself a guarantee to our quality of work.


We truly hope that the service we provide to our customers will shed light into your international cooperation / business. We hope you can tap the full potential of  business opportunities with your clients without any language barrier got in the way.

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